August 19, 2015

Traditional Javanese Bridal Make Up

There are several types of traditional Javanese bridal such as:  

1. Javanese Bridal Makeup "Yogya Putri"

javanese bridal make up
Yogya Putri
 This makeup is used by Dian Sastro, Indonesian artist when she married. Chignon that is usually used is a bend in the hair bun. The bride will wear a large mentul cunduk and also plates mountains as one of the accessories in the hair. Usually the groom wore head coverings blangkon as accessories.

Charming Hair Do Ideas...

Bored with ordinary hairstyle .. try some ideas hairstyle that makes you more beautiful charming

1. Banded Chignon    

This look is very elegant and would be perfect for a night out, or any other occasion
banded chignon hair shape
Banded chignon

August 14, 2015

Resolve Hair Loss Now

Hair Loss?

Hair is the crown of every person, including women and men. Hair loss, balding and graying is a mirror of our health. Human hair normally loses about 20-100 strands per day, so no need to panic if you find there is a strand of hair on the comb when combing or even on the bathroom floor when we wash.
resolve hair loss
Hair loss?

Nails Care Tips

Nails Care

Nails are not maintained, yellowing, flaking nails and nail fungus is something that we take for granted and often overlooked. Whereas changes in the color and condition of your nails can be the first hint of the existence of serious disease in our bodies. A healthy nail is pink.
healthy nails
healthy nails