August 14, 2015

Resolve Hair Loss Now

Hair Loss?

Hair is the crown of every person, including women and men. Hair loss, balding and graying is a mirror of our health. Human hair normally loses about 20-100 strands per day, so no need to panic if you find there is a strand of hair on the comb when combing or even on the bathroom floor when we wash.
resolve hair loss
Hair loss?

Balding hair loss is a symptom of prolonged and exceeds the average daily hair loss. Factors associated with hair loss include hormonal balance, heredity, impaired function of the thyroid gland, stress and lack of sleep, intake of vitamin A is too excessive. Conversely, deficiency of folic acid intake and pregnancy may be associated with a change in the hair growth cycle and cause hair loss. Apart from these factors, you can also change their daily habits to reduce the amount of hair loss. One of them is by massaging the scalp for 10-15 minutes twice a week with natural medicine, namely coconut milk, coconut oil and almond oil. A good hair massage can increase blood circulation to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth.
Poor diet properly can also cause hair loss. We can make dietary changes to cope with hair loss which is very annoying. Good protein to promote hair growth and proved that the protein diet such as eating sprouts rendak fat, milk, eggs and yogurt can help us get back to fertility hair.
Another factor that causes hair loss is iron deficiency. To increase the iron in the body should be encouraged to drink juice made from carrots, alfalfa and capsidium. Besides hair loss can be prevented by eating foods such as cabbage, carrots, beans and spinach.