August 19, 2015

Charming Hair Do Ideas...

Bored with ordinary hairstyle .. try some ideas hairstyle that makes you more beautiful charming

1. Banded Chignon    

This look is very elegant and would be perfect for a night out, or any other occasion
banded chignon hair shape
Banded chignon

2.Side Chignon

     Romantic, beautiful and simply...

side chignon hair shape
Side Chignon

3.Bow Bun

   Let us try something different  bun that very cute and chic
bow bun hair shape
Bow Bun

4. Fish Tail

fish tail chignon shape
Fish Tail

5. Romantic Up do

     Unfussy yet elegant.
romantic up to hair shape
Romantic Up Do

6.  Fancy Side Pony

     This is a sleek and somewhat simple way to pull your hair into a side ponytail. you can add small flower to make it prettier.
fancy side pony hair shape
Fancy Side Pony

7. Faux Bob

    Shorten your hair without cutting it, try  Faux Bob! It's really fun
faux bob hair shape
Faux Bob

8. Half and Half

    It is very  simple and beautiful.
hal and half hair shape
Half and Half

9.Bohemian Braid

bohemian braid hair shape
Bohemian Braid

10.Fancy Side Braid

fancy side braid hair shape
Fancy Side Braid

11. French Braid

      This braid is beautiful.. It sounds really complicated, but for the stylish this is extremely easy
french braid hair shape
French Braid

12.Pretzel Braid

pretzel braid hair shape
Pretzel Braid

13.Waterfall Braid

      The waterfall braid gives a cute twist to a normal french braid. It looks great on its own, but you can also curl it, swoop it to the side, do a ponytail, or create a bun!
waterfall braid hair shape
Waterfall Braid