August 14, 2015

Nails Care Tips

Nails Care

Nails are not maintained, yellowing, flaking nails and nail fungus is something that we take for granted and often overlooked. Whereas changes in the color and condition of your nails can be the first hint of the existence of serious disease in our bodies. A healthy nail is pink.
healthy nails
healthy nails
While the nails are white or pale showed symptoms of anemia or even kidney and liver disorders. But sometimes the nail conditions not necessarily related to health conditions. Sometimes nails are changing due to the influence of the collision, pinched or environment that affect the condition of the nails. Nails damaged by collision or pinched will begin no change in color and texture if nails have started well.

Here are some general tips that can nails treatments we do every day.

  1. Parents who have children normally prohibit their children have a habit of biting nails because in addition to not become a habit as well as in the nail fungus and bacteria that are harmful to health when it enters the body. Always make it a habit to wash your hands and dry them in order to prevent the development of fungal and bacterial nail.    
  2. As well as our skin, moisturizing the nails also often given as to prevent the nails become brittle and break easily.
  3. Do not wear shoes with heels that are too high. Wear comfortable shoes that fit and will avoid nail stuck and depressed which can lead to nails do not grow perfectly.
  4. Fungal toenails or fungal infections often called onychomycosis is a nail disease that is often overlooked because it does not cause pain and significant change in the condition and color of your nails. Nail fungus can be prevented by frequently replacing footwear and wash our socks and hosiery and footwear regularly.
  5. Do not wear nail polish on nails that are moldy as this will exacerbate the condition of the nails.
  6. Cut nails regularly before the end of the long nails and exceeded our fingers. It is advised to not cut off the nail edges as they can cause nail growth is less than perfect.
  7. Ensure remove nail polish by using products that do not contain chemicals "acetone" because it can eliminate moisture nails and make nails dry.
Those are some tips on caring for your nails can we do everyday.