August 19, 2015

Traditional Javanese Bridal Make Up

There are several types of traditional Javanese bridal such as:  

1. Javanese Bridal Makeup "Yogya Putri"

javanese bridal make up
Yogya Putri
 This makeup is used by Dian Sastro, Indonesian artist when she married. Chignon that is usually used is a bend in the hair bun. The bride will wear a large mentul cunduk and also plates mountains as one of the accessories in the hair. Usually the groom wore head coverings blangkon as accessories.

2.  Javanese Bridal Makeup "Yogya Jangan Menir"

javanese bridal make up
Yogya Jangan Menir
Style makeup "Yogya Jangan Menir" is a style wedding that the bride does not wear dodot. The bride and groom use wedding dress with decorative embroidery materials based on velvet. Generally, the groom using patterned scarf pendhing as a belt at the waist and is also used to cover his head while generally taking kuluk kanigara

3. Javanese Bridal Makeup "Yogya Paes Ageng"

javanes bridal make up
Paes Ageng
"Paes Ageng" uses dodotan dress for the bride and groom. For the bride bun but not bouffant use of pandan wrapped bun knit jasmine, with 5 cunduk mentul jewelry. The hallmark of cosmetology Paes Ageng Yogyakarta is evident from the black color on the forehead that of the bride called Paes. Paes meaning is a symbol of female beauty that is highly trusted Java capable distanced from Bad Things that may be threatening the bride. This is also a sign of maturity of a Javanese woman. Makeup generally black or paes has 4 different symbol name namely Penitis, Godeg, Gajahan and Pengapit. Each has a philosophical meaning high.

4.  Javanese Bridal Makeup "Solo Basahan"

javanese bridal make up
Solo Basahan
 Solo basahan uses dodotan dress with shades of Solo, dodot green or blue with Paesan Solo and bun wrapped in knitted jasmine with accessories 9 cunduk mentul.
Bridal makeup Solo basahan could be one option for your wedding reception.

5. Javanese Bridal Makeup "Solo Putri"

javanese bridal make up
Solo Putri
In the art of Solo style bridal princess bride generally required using dense black pattern on his forehead similar paes ageng. The used hairstyle is great ukel similar style mengkureh bowl with jasmine flowers additional accessories "tibo dodo" intentionally "dironce" and coupled with a comb and cunduk mentul, cunduk on top of it. Using motif kebaya usually made from velvet long classic with black and decorated thread color or flower. For batik gold bottom generally using motif sidoasih prada. To groom wear beskap, blangkon and batik cloth underneath sidoasih.

Hopefully collection photos and pictures Bridal Makeup Java it be useful to you all. Style and the bride's makeup model can you mix with indigenous traditional or modern as period now.