June 14, 2016

Traditional Dental Pain Medicine

Tooth pain is excruciating, as a result of tooth pain sometimes makes us uncontrolled emotions. Many pain medications are the current gear, which was so drunk directly can recover. But the side effects of chemical medicine materials definitely have an impact on the body in the long run. Therefore, we should try to start using natural ingredients to treat toothache, as follows.
Dental care

1. Garlic has been common in the community so that claimed toothache medicine effective in relieving pain. Way, puree the garlic cloves are mixed with a little coarse salt and place in an area hospital. This method can be expressed ease the pain, sometimes even can cure.

2.Dutch eggplant many properties one of which is used to treat toothache as you have today, the steps:
Drying the Dutch eggplant seeds to dry, then mashed. Paste drugs on the cheek and then close the mouth of the glass for 30 minute. Do one to two times daily until toothache is gone.

3. Salt. Behind the salty taste of salt, it turns out that the high iodine content in salt also can relieve toothache. It is very easy, dissolve the salt into a glass of warm water. Then use to gargle. Make a gargle several times, at least until you have to feel less tormented again by tooth pain. Not recommended to eat salt straight, because besides being very salty, also will not spread evenly.

4. Pepper powder. Take care of your teeth by as much ground pepper 1/4 teaspoon. If used regularly every day can prevent cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, and toothache. To relieve a toothache, you can mix mercica powder and clove oil were put into gear hole. Sensitive teeth can also be treated this way.

5. Avocado seeds. 1 small sliced ​​avocado and roasted seeds (fry without oil), if it is dry then crushed into a powder. After that enter earlier into the avocado seed powder tooth holes, then closed with cotton.

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