July 14, 2016

Hair Model for Round Face

Have a round face has become a thing that is often overlooked by women. Facial appearance will be considered and tried to be enhanced. Model haircut is one way to cover the shortfall in the form of a rounded face. Sometimes if one choose the hairstyle, the face will be more rounded. Some tricks to do to get a haircut that suits your face shape then hairstyles for round faces can be one of the alternatives in choosing a new hairstyle in accordance with a round face type owned.
Some of the pieces that fit can make the appearance of being more fresh with a note that the exemption should match the shape of the face.

Here are hairstyles for round faces can be selected.

1. Model Shaggy long
This hairstyle is very suitable for the owner of a round face. This latest shaggy hair style would make a round face will appear camouflaged so it looks so gaunt oval. This shaggy pieces can be modified with the addition of sweet pony to make it more visible.
shaggy long

2. Full-volume model

Haircut for a round face with adding a little volume to the hair will give the impression of gaunt cheek. Volume was added by parting so it would seem the balance of the volume of hair that makes appearance more attractive.

full volume

3. Model with Bangs

Ponytail hairstyle is always an alternative to a round face shape. Of course, the hair is suitable for owners of long and straight hair. Pieces in a ponytail with the front looks like a bob haircut while for the rear loose. This haircut will make you look more elegant appearance and attractive.


4. Model with a layer or tiered

For the owner of a round face, using layer technique is suitable to cover the shortage that chubby face. Because by using this technique, a rounded face made it look like the oval-faced.


Now the choice is yours, want to use a technique where hair cut. Customize with good hair condition or level of alignment short length hair.

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