July 15, 2016

How to Clean Ear

How to Clean Ear

The ears are often neglected part of the body clean. And we can easily clean the outer ear, indeed to the inner ear is a bit more risky if it is not true in the process of cleaning.
Often we use cotton buds to clean the inner ear. Inserting a cotton bud, cotton-coated sticks, paper clips, or hairpins as a way to clean the inner ear canal or even risk damaging the eardrum. In addition, instead they put out, the more at risk of ear wax can settle in the ear canal.
Some people try to take in other ways, such as using ear candle or wax ear to remove earwax. This method is not recommended because it is not proven to be effective and it is precisely the risk of causing injury, such as burns and blockage of the ear canal.

The most important thing is the buildup of earwax immediately handled well. If not, then the risk of complications, such as ear pain, vertigo, infection of the outer ear canal, middle ear infections, as well as the formation of the hole in the eardrum. In addition, immediately consult a doctor, especially if you experience pain in the ears, hearing loss, dizziness, severe itching of the ears, or exit the odor from the ear.

What are some ways to do? You might try the following ways:

1. Use ear drops are sold at pharmacies or drug stores. These drugs can soften clots so easily removed. Can also use baby oil (baby oil), glycerin, or hydrogen peroxide. Two to three days later, tilt head and drops of warm water into the ear canal is problematic, then tilt the head to the other side to remove earwax. Drain the water out of the ear canal, wipe with a soft towel.

2. Using the liquid baby oil to clean the ear.

3. Avoid cleaning the ears up too deep. Just clean limited to the ears, especially when using a cotton bud, because cotton bud design for cleaning the ears, not to clean the inside. If too deep will cause dirt pushed and piled.

4. When ears itch, use a cotton swab that has been soaked in hot water and then untir and use to clean the ear itch.

5. If there are earwax hardens on the inside, use a cotton bud which has a tip like a hook, do not use cleaners that similarly shaped but made of metal.

6. If too much is stimulated, the oil glands prevention of dirt that enters from the outside akanmengeluarkan oil / liquid excess. For that reason, avoid cleaning the ears too often.

7. If the dirt feels very disturbing hearing, consult a health professional for treatment.

8. Another way to clean the ear can put water into the ears when showering, then tilt the head to remove the water. Be sure the water is warm, because if it is too hot or cold can cause vertigo.

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