September 28, 2016

Cleaning Blackheads With Natural Ingredients

Facial skin surface of the body part most sensitive both to the touch as well as against germs and bacteria. Most skin problems exist on the face such as dry skin, oily, dull skin, acne, black spots, and komedo.Komedo is a blockage of the hair follicles in the skin. This blockage can form flaky skin or keratin mixed with oil. Blackheads generally arise in times of puberty, when oil production of the sebaceous glands (oil glands) increases. The hormonal changes of puberty is one of the main factors the appearance of blackheads. In addition, the triggering factor or factors that aggravate blackheads is another menstrual period, pregnancy, use of birth control pills, excessive perspiration, cosmetic use, and the use of some types of steroids.

Blackheads on the face is divided into two types, namely black comedones (blackheads) and white comedones (whiteheads). Black blackheads are caused because the pores are dilated so it looks great and blackened. While the white blackheads due to closed pores by dirt so that it looks nothing like a whitish skin covering the nose. The pores are closed due to dead skin cells are not cleared and the result of excessive secretion of oil glands.

There is a way to remove blackheads on the nose with natural and material quickly, using egg whites. The trick: take raw egg white and apply on the nose or other parts contained the blackheads. After that, cover the egg whites that have been smeared earlier by using tissue paper. Wait until the egg whites and tissue paper to dry for approximately 20 minutes. As it dries, remove tissue paper. When tissue is removed, comedones will be lifted and attached to the tissue paper.

Honey is known to make the skin more beautiful and very popular material to be used as a mask. Honey can also be used to treat blackheads on the nose by taking a few tablespoons of honey and heat in the face. After a bit warm and not too thick, lift the honey and then rub on the nose where blackheads. After approximately 20-30 minutes rinse your face with room temperature water and pat dry with a towel.

Take hot water in a rather large bowl and add a little salt. Then bow your head just above the bowl so exposed to steam heat, so that the maximum hot steam on the face cover your head with a towel. Steam face for about 10 minutes to the blood circulation around the face that are not easily affected by blackheads. Steaming the face is also useful to open the pores and soften the face so it is easy to be cleaned of dirt.

How to remove blackheads powerful black and white at the nose of the last is to attach the ice into the nose for a few minutes. Before gluing ice cube to the face, first wash your face with soap so that the dirt in the pores can be lost. After the face dry, reduce enlarged pores with ice cubes.

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