September 05, 2016

Different Types of Dress Lipstick Lips

Who does not know with lipstick? Beauty products are most often used by women. Daub lipstick seems to have become a habit of the women who want to look nice with fresh faces every day.

Lipstick is used to give color to the lips. Lipstick is used by women. As well as giving the impression of a lipstick color different from the color range offered. But you know if the lipstick that is generally found present with diverse types?

1. Long Wearing
Lipstick has a level of resilience that is different. Generally you have to put on lipstick every two to three hours once or when eating something. If you do not have time to do that, this type of lipstick seems appropriate to you. The content in it can make lasting lip makeup for four to eight hours. It also contains moisturizing lipstick so it does not dry out the lips.
Long Wearing Lipstick

2. Frosted
If happy to appear glamorous, lipstick this kind seems suitable for you because it contains granules glitter that will make lips look shiny and reflects light so it looks shiny. Its use is too long can cause the lips were heavy and dry, so use a moisturizer or lip balm first. This lipstick is also not very precise if used daily because it will make the appearance look overdone because the shimmer effect is produced.

Another name for this is a pearlescent lipstick, which gives the effect of a shiny pearly and metallic on the lips after using it or like having glitter.Akan but despite the shiny effect, content of moisturizing the lipstick is very little, so you should apply moisturizer lips first before using.
Frosted Lipstick
However, in the selection of lipstick color is very necessary caution, because if the chosen color is not right, it will lead to a mismatch between the lip color and lip color. But lipstick is very popular in the era of the 80s, is now classed as the type of lipstick is outdated.

3. Lip Liner

Lip shape that looks less than perfect, such as the lips are too small, too thick and wide or less proportional often reduce confidence in women.

However, it can now be overcome with the lip liner. Because one of the functions of this type of lipstick is to form a lip posture to be more proportional, or in other words, its function is as forming the lip.

But the use of lip liner should be combined with other types of lipstick because its function is only to form the edge of the course, not to be applied to the inside of the lips.
Lip Liner Lipstick
The tip is the use of lip liner should be adjusted to the shape of the lips. If you have a shape that is thick and wide lips, use a lip liner on the inside of the lip line to give the impression of a more petite on your lips. Meanwhile, for those who have thin lips and small form, you can use a lip liner on the outside of the lip line to give fuller effect on your lips are small.

4. Cream
Women who have a small lip shape is more appropriate to use lipstick this type because the texture is not so shiny but still soften lips. Lipstick cream contains more wax or a waxy substance that is safe to protect lips, but if used excessively will make dry lips.

Lipstick of this type will produce a slightly glossy sheen, but still feels soft on the lips. By using this lipstick creamy lip color then you will be out, it is because the effect is shiny and strong colors generated. The use of this creamy lipstick is perfect combined with the use lip pencil or lip liner to facilitate you to make a boundary part of the user.

Cream Lipstick
In addition to using lip liner, it is also advisable to use a brush that polesannya look neater and equitable, and not out of the lip line. Creamy lipstick also contains a high wax so that it can also function as a protective lip from direct sunlight.

5. Liquid
Different from lipstick packaging is generally rotated to remove its contents, liquid or liquid lipstick is packed with small tubes. To apply normally use applicator brush or directly with your fingers clean. Its texture was generally thicker, shiny, and commonly known as lip gloss. But now there is also a matte lipstick that is modified into a liquid form.
Liquid Lipstick

6. Moisturizing
Lipstick of this type usually used by women who tend to have dry lips. The content of moisturizer in it such as vitamin E, aloe vera and glycerin are believed to soften and smooth the lips. Another thing that is felt when using this lipstick is lips feel moist and shiny.
Moisturizing Lipstick
Lipstick is very suitable for the kind of guys who like natural makeup because of the resulting color is very light. To get the colors are bright but still moist and shiny effect, use of this lipstick lipstick you can combine with other types such as Matte Lipstick. Unfortunately, this type of lipstick will be felt sticky, easily attached to objects that touched the lips, and quickly disappear, so you must often repeat polishing.

7. Satin
Satin Lipstick is often described as a combination between Matte Lipstick and Sheer Lipstick. Because Satin Lipstick has a shape similar to Matte Lipstick, but has a higher content of moisturizing and gloss effects such as Sheer Lipstick. Then the results displayed will be more powerful but without excessive glossy effect so that the end result of the use of this lipstick will look soft and shiny fabrics like satin.
Satin Lipstick

This lipstick also has properties that are not sticky and not easily lost making it easier for you to use sertatidak needs to be done repeatedly. , However, this lipstick is less suitable when used by people who have thick lips and wide shape, because the use of this lipstick will give the effect of fuller lips.

If you have dry lips, lipstick satin manifold this seems to be the right choice. Inside it contains a moisturizer that works to nourish the lips to make it look healthy and shiny. Satin lipstick has a high oil content so that the color is smeared on the lips will look slightly different from the colors on the packaging. While the oil contained in it made satin lipstick must be applied repeatedly for the color more outgoing.

8. Matte
This type of lipstick looks very dry and no shine at all in the end result. This is because matte lipstick absorbs light and contains only a small amount of oil. Matte lipstick is very suitable for use by the owner of a wide and thick lips, because this lipstick will disguise the shape of the lips.
Matte Lipstick

Another of its advantages is not sticky, does not easily stick to the objects that were touched by the lips and more durable, so you do not need to be frequently repeated use. But if you want to use this lipstick you should wear a lip moisturizer first. Due to the nature of this lipstick is dry out the lips that can cause chapped lips.

Lipstick that has been popular in the early 1900s was not sparkle and produce a dry texture and thicker lips look when applied. However, the content of pigment and kaolin minerals contained in it makes this lipstick has a longer durability. Matte lipsticks are less appropriate for you who have dry lips because it will make lips look cracked and chapped.

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