September 08, 2016

Eyebrow Shaping Face Shape Match

Eyebrow is a vital element of female beauty, perfection eyebrow shape is supporting the appearance and self-confidence. Various methods of embroider eyebrow, eyebrow tattoo, bold, revoke, and many more methods used by themselves or use the services of a beautician. All that is done is not to get a perfect eyebrow shape according to the character and shape of each face.

1. Round Face
For those of you who have a round face, you can make up eyebrows by making longer and there is a little sharp indentations on the end. This will make your face look more gaunt. Women who have a round face should avoid flat brow shape. We recommend that you make the line a little bit wide with sharp indentations at the height of the eyebrows.

2. Face Oval
Oval face shape is regarded as the ideal face shape. You do not have to worry about the shape of your eyebrows. Women who have an oval face shape tends to match with any eyebrows. But try to form a gently curved scratches on your brow and avoid swooping shape of the eyebrows. Oval face will match the shape of the eyebrows flat, curved, thick or thin.

3. Face Heart
This face shape is characterized by a slightly protruding forehead and a pointed chin. For those of you who had a face like this, you can shape the eyebrows by making scratches curved slightly thicker and avoid a flat brow shape.

4. Face Box
The face is marked with the forehead, cheekbones and jaw have the same width. Especially the more prominent jaw. For those of you who have the face of the box, choose the shape eyebrows thick at the front and give a sharp scratches gently upward at the ends. The more sharply the more sharp jaw shape also bow shape eyebrows. Or to shape eyebrows with a curved shape of the curve is rather flat but with a thick line. Finely arched eyebrow shape and a little flat too friendly impression.

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