September 07, 2016

How Smart and Natural Hair Removal Legs

How to remove the legs. Every human in the world essentially had feathers. Human hair can grow anywhere, there is in the hands, feet, face, back, chest, or around the navel. Physically more common in women fleece finer than men. However, due to various factors there are also women who coined feather display, bushy and blackened.

For women who love to use revealing clothes would have been very uncomfortable to have it. Moreover, when the feather flourish in the foot. Dense fur and black on the legs synonymous with men - men. For women, a clean smooth legs without feathers is a pride and a sexy look in his eyes.

To get a clean foot hairless many ways in which women. But should choose a safe manner and in accordance with ability. Here is an alternative way that can be done to eliminate the legs.
Shaving Your Legs

1. Shaving

Usually performed to remove the hair shaved mustache and facial hair, but you can also cope with legs and arms in a way to shave. With a shave, then the legs and hands you will look smoother.
Shave their legs is most often done by people to remove the legs. Wear a clean razor blade. We recommend using a new razor blades for razors are not sharp injuring the skin. Wet your feet in warm water. It is useful to open the pores of the skin. Use special shaving cream when applied to the foot. Shave the leg starts from the bottom up so that pencukurannya up at the base of the skin and reduce skin irritation. When shave their legs, hold the skin taut to avoid rashes. If a rash occurs immediately Dab baby powder.

How to shave their legs right:

- First wash area beforehand feet and hands with warm water. It is intended that the pores in the feather follicles can be open, making it easy epilation later.
- After that, rubbing the hairy with a special soap or shaving cream evenly. Use razors are still new, especially the knife.
- How to shave the right start from the bottom to the top (opposite to the hair growth). While shaving, pull your skin to prevent rashes.
- Finally, rinse and clean the area that has been shaved earlier by using soap. However, in case of injury, give the baby powder to minimize the pain.

Note: The drawback of shaving is the hair roots can not be lifted completely, so that later can grow thicker fur thereafter. Therefore, stop hair growth after shaving with a special cream.

2. Tweezing

Tweezing is one way to eliminate the legs and hands were done by plucking one by one. Although this may take a long time, but tweezing proven to be very effective to remove the hair permanently. Because fur can be mixed down to its roots, so do not allow it to grow again.

Tweezing is a method of hair removal by way leg pull them out using tweezers. This method may be less practical because it takes a long time to pluck legs one by one. However, this method is effective for plucking the legs from the root. But unfortunately with tweezing can sometimes be a skin irritant.

How to pluck the feet and hands:

- Prepare in advance tweezers (feather extraction tool). Keep the tweezers are still new and can be gripped more powerful.
- Before plucking, rubbing the skin area that is fur with warm water for approximately 10 minutes.
- After that, dry with a towel. Then begin plucking one by one, try not to get hair cut in half.
- Finally rinse again with warm water and one after another with cold water to sum up the pores.

3. Waxing

This is the method of eliminating the legs and arms are quite popular among the people. This waxing is usually done in beauty salons. The trick is to smear your feet first with a special sticky liquid, and pressed the cloth on the cloth to bind perfectly. Instantly the retractable fabric opposite to hair growth. As a result, the hair was gone and ripped up by the roots.
waxing legs

Waxing is a method of hair removal is the most popular foot. Method of waxing is done by attaching the fabric to the skin is smeared special liquid waxing. To remove hair, a cloth in the liquid glue later in drag. As a result of fur will stick to the fabric and the skin becomes clean hair free. Waxing is usually done in the salon - beauty salon. By doing waxing hair growth can be suppressed much longer than with shaving because the fur could be torn down to the roots. Mechanical waxing is the famous Brazilian wax, wherein the process using sticky wax and cloth.

How to remove the hair on this one relatively more effective and efficient than shaving or tweezing. Given fur you would be deprived of the roots without having to pull out with tweezers one by one.

Well for those of you who do not like the way hair removal hands and feet in a modern, quiet, still there are natural ways that you can take. Although natural way takes a long time, but guaranteed it will not cause any side effects. Even with regular maintenance, your skin will be smoother than before.

a. Use sugar, lemon and honey
Here's how to remove legs which I often do (knowingly I also had feathers yet). This method is similar to waxing, which is done by the withdrawal of large amounts of fur with a cloth that has been smeared with the liquid.
Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub

How to remove hair and toes:

- First mixed beforehand 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of natural honey. Mix the three ingredients until evenly distributed.
- Boil the mixture in a pan without adding any liquid. Once the caramel is formed, allow the liquid to cool first.
- Apply the stew was evenly throughout the body part that is fur. After flattening, cover the liquid with a cloth. Tap-tap of the cloth to attach to the surface of the skin.

b. Papaya
Papaya is also known to have benefits can eliminate the hairs of hair found on the hands and feet. It dikarenankan papaya contains the enzyme papain, an enzyme which can help limit the growth of hair on the skin.
Papaya Scrub

Peel raw papaya first, then cut into small pieces and blend until shaped like pasta. Take 2 tablespoons of papaya paste, and then add ½ tsp turmeric powder and mix until evenly distributed.

Apply the mixture on your hands and feet are massaged fur while slowly fellow 20 minutes. Rinse in clean water. Rutinlah doing it this way at least twice a week so fur can be lost completely.
- Next, pull the cloth from the bottom up (as opposed to hair growth). Although it is a bit sore, but this way is very good to remove the hair permanently.

c. Scrub banana and oatmeal, thresher fur which can simultaneously cleanse and soften your skin.
Besides useful for body scrub, mix bananas and oatmeal is also believed to shed the feathers were not you want around your hands and feet. When you do exfoliation using oatmeal, hair feathers will come up, while the banana can provide a soft effect and moisturizes the skin.
Oatmeal Banana Scrub

The trick is very simple. First of all, destroy the first bananas until smooth like pasta. Then add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and stir until evenly distributed.

Apply a mixture of banana and oatmeal are on your hands and feet, and rub gently in a circular motion. After that, let stand for 15-20 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with water. Perform this treatment regularly at least twice a week.

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